Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Release - CLC SketchPad for KipwareCYC® - Cycletime Estimating Software

We are pleased to announce another NEW release for Kipware® ... this one is for our KipwareCYC® - Machining CycleTime Estimating Software.

One of the inputs required when estimating machining cycletime ... is what is referred to as "length of cut". The distance the tool will travel while in the cut. Onviously, this is required along with the cutting feedrate to determine the time it takes the tool to remove the material.

KipwareCYC® has always included an application we call the Cut Length Calculator or CLC. CLC uses a variety of conversational, fill-in-the-blank forms for standard type operations ... pocket milling, drilling, turning, grooving, threading, etc. ... which allow the user to determine length of cut by simply describing the operation. Simple inputs like depth of cut, length and width, diameters, tool diameters, etc. are entered and CLC will auto-calculate the length of cut.

This has always worked well for standard type operations ... but non-standard type operations ... contouring, part profiling, etc. ... still contained a bit of guesstimating to determine the length of cut. It's a fine line between getting the information you require ... and overkill. But we think that we have created a great solution that is accurate ... fast ... and easy-to-use. The CLC SketchPad.

We have taken our proven-in-the-trenches SketchPad from our Kipware® conversational software ... with the patent-pending Machinist Mode ... and adapted it for use in determining length of cut. Basically ... users can import a DXF file ... select a graphical tool representation from the user defined Tool Library ... and then simply move the tool ( mouse ) around the part creating a toolpath they envision would be used for that machining operation. CLC SketchPad will record all the positions automatically and will then auto-calculate the length of cut. Results will be displayed ... and can then be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the KipwareCYC® form in the appropriate field.

You can view a complete presentation video on our YouTube Channel ( KTSoftware ) ... by clicking the link below.

If you are not a KipwareCYC® user ... does your estimating software provide you with a field for length of cut ... or with innovative and accurate tools to assist in it's calculation?

If you are a current KipwareCYC® user ... UPGRADING to the NEW CLC with the CLC SketchPad will add new accuracy and improve your cycletime estimating. Upgrade pricing can be found here ... in the Kentech Inc. OnLine Store.

Kenney Skonieczny - President
Kentech Inc.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Two More NEW Conversational Features Released

"Winter is coming John Snow." ( for all the Game of Thrones fans )

Winter always seems to bring a flurry of development here at Kentech Inc. ... and we have started early. On the heels of our groundbreaking 3D Conversational release for KipwareM® ... we have released two more additional features.

Kipware® SketchPad :
The SketchPad has always required drawing using X and Y coordinates ... even if you were drawing a part to be coded for a lathe. Of course the SketchPad would auto-convert everything and your G code would be either diameter or radius X lathe compatible ... but the actual drawing was done using X and Y coordinates.

The new feature released allows for separate designations for the G code output and now ... a designation for the type of coordinates to be used when drawing. Users can draw using either X-Y coordinates ... radius X - Z coordinates ... or diameter X - Z coordinates. This of course makes drawing a ton easier for "lathe people" ... while still giving you the opportunity to do something funky like ... draw with diameter X and have your G code come out in radius X !!! Pretty neat and very handy ... professional machinists will know what I mean.

KipwareM® 3D Rotation :
As with all the other menus in KipwareM® ... now the newly released 3D shapes can be ROTATED at any angle with just a simple user input. We have added a ROTATION field on the forms where the user can designate the rotation angle if so desired. Like all the 2D menus ... now the 3D shape can be auto-rotated with just a simple input.

So go ahead ... take that trough and machine it at 65 degrees !!

What's Coming Next :
We now turn our development attention to a feature that has been on my wish list. And since I'm the boss ... I get what I want !!

We have now begun the development of more Live Tool options for KipwareT® to better accommodate the wave of multi-axis turning centers. The next release will have FULL Y AXIS MILLING - ALL CONVERSATIONAL !! Stay tuned ... release will probably be around November.

We keep telling ya ....
Now more than ever ...
GO PRO with Kipware® Conversational !!
( you don't get development like this from a "wizard " )
( it comes from professionals !! )

Kenney Skonieczny - President
Kentech Inc.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kipware® 3D Conversational Programming Released

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our ground-breaking 3D conversational option for our KipwareM® - Conversational CNC Programming Software for Milling.

This innovative and ground breaking release allows user to create G code programs for common 3D shapes using only a conversational, fill-in-the-blank forms. Release1 shapes include :

  • Tapered Cone
  • Tapered Hole
  • Tapered Square / Rectangle Boss
  • Tapered Square / Rectangle Pocket
  • Horizontal Trough
  • Vertical Trough
Powerful and innovative options are available to the user through the simple, fill-in-the-blank forms including :
  • Both Rough and / or Finish operations can be created.
  • Options for SQUARE or BALL NOSE end mills are included ... users can rough or finish these shapes using either a square or ball nose end mill !!
  • Climb or Conventional mill options are available for both roughing and finishing !!
  • Only basic, simple user inputs are required with KipwareM® performing all the complex calculations and creating the G code program all automatically.

Through this ground breaking and innovative development ... users now have the capability to expand their product and machining offerings without having to deal with expensive and complex CAD/CAM systems. Tapered holes ... or tapered square pockets can now easily be created using the simple KipwareM® interface.

Watch the video above and explore this new and groundbreaking
feature of KipwareM®

Since the late 1990's ... KipwareM® and Kipware® conversational have set the standard in conversational CNC programming software ... taking these applications from the limited, underdeveloped world of "wizards" into the mainstream of CNC programming. Kipware® conversational continues to set the standard and raise the bar with this 3D option release ... on the heels of our release of our patent-pending Machinst Mode for the Kipware® SketchPad.

For additional information on all our Kipware® CNC and machine shop software ... please visit our website at

Now more than ever ... 
Dump the G Code Wizards ...
GO PRO with Kipware® Conversational !!

Kenney Skonieczny - President
Kentech Inc.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reason #1 - TOP 10 Reasons - WHY KIPWARE®? - CAD/CAM OVERKILL !!!

#1 In our Series of the TOP 10 Reasons ... WHY KIPWARE® is :

Well we have reached the pinnacle ... the top of the mountain ... the essence of Kipware® !! During our series we have outlined a lot of good and valid reasons WHY KIPWARE® saves you money ... and here we are at #1 ... a little thing we call CAD/CAM OVERKILL. 

The main point behind CAD/CAM Overkill is : If you use your CAD/CAM system for EVERY CNC program you create ... you are impacting your productivity and efficiency in a very negative way.

Not every CNC program requires a CAD/CAM system or operator ... and requiring one brings all kinds of inefficiencies and removes all kinds of good chipmakers from your programming process.For the most part we are talking about professional job shops ... not the hobby machinist who has time to "play" ... although even some of the good hobby guys realize that a simpler and more efficient way to create simpler G code programs is a great idea. For the professional job shop ... getting the part running and getting good parts out the door is the key factor for their bottom line ... and requiring every job move through the CAD/CAM "guy" is not the best choice for 95% of the work they produce and a day-to-day basis. Most shops are not programming for molds or aircraft parts which the CAD/CAM system was designed. Yes ... for that type of work the CAD/CAM system is a must ... but for the flanges, shafts, simple milling, drilling, simple turning, grooving, threading ... CAD/CAM is OVERKILL !!

Kipware® CONVERSATIONAL software is the cure for CAD/CAM OVERKILL
As we mentioned many times in our Blogs ... we lived and worked on the shop floor. We cut our teeth ... cutting chips. The software titles we have created were born from our wants and needs from our experiences on the shop floor and in cutting chips. Kipware® conversational is a tool for your programming arsenal that can quickly and easily create those simpler, everyday G code programs ... the programs required in 95% of job shops around the world every day. We have Blogged extensively on this subject ... and invite you to look back using any of the links below :
But the bottom line is ... and the reason we selected CAD/CAM OVERKILL as our #1 Reason - WHY KIPWARE®? ... is that producing and delivering parts is the lifeblood of every machine shop. Don't deliver ... Don't get paid ... Don't survive and prosper. Today's shops need an arsenal of programming tools ... not a one size fits all CAD/CAM philosophy ... to be efficient. Adding Kipware® conversational to your programming arsenal will insure another layer of productivity and efficiency to your shop floor.

Kenneth Skonieczny - President
Kentech Inc.

And don't be fooled by simple, underdeveloped G code "wizards" ... 
If you're gonna go ... GO PRO ... with Kipware® Conversational