Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kipware's Hidden Advantages - #2

Taking a few lines in this post to outline another "hidden advantage" of Kipware® conversational CNC programming software ... G CODE PROGRAMMING TRAINING.

The design of Kipware® conversational allows the user to create G code programs without the need or the use of a CAD drawing. G code programs are created by simply selecting the shape to machine and then answering a list of on-screen, fill-in-the-blank, plain English questions. From those inputs, the software automatically creates the G code program. Simple and efficient ... and allows even those who are not familiar with G code or G code programming to create powerful and efficient machining programs.

And if the user pays close attention ... they can easily see how those inputs are turned into the G codes that drive the machine. The inquisitive user can match their plain English inputs with the G code output and translate how their input values are turned into G code.

Whether it be seeing how a code of a canned cycle is created ... or seeing how their simple inputs translate into a continuous, repetitive cycle .... many of our users have credited the using of Kipware® conversational with their development and understanding of G code programming.

We take pride in the fact that our real world software design and development has led not only to more efficient manufacturing ... but also to the development of those living and working "in the trenches".

Kenney Skonieczny
Kentech Inc.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Highlighting Major Advantages of Kipware® Conversational - #1

If you explored our Kipware® Conversational CNC Programming software applications ... you may have missed some of the "hidden" advantages which come from the "real world" design of the applications. I would like to take a few posts in our BLOG to highlight some of these "hidden" tricks.

Kipware® Hidden Advantage #1 :

The design of Kipware® conversational allows the user to create "pieces" of the complete machining operation ... in any order. Let's say you are machining a part on a VMC or HMC ... you need to FACE then ROUGH A ROUND POCKET then DRILL A BOLT CIRCLE. In KipwareM®, you create each "piece" of this complete process using the fill-in-the-blank "conversational" forms for each operation ... in any order. So first you could create the program for the bolt circle ... then the facing operation ... then the round pocket. Each "sub-program" gets saved to disk at the time it was created ... and added to the TREE. Later, the user utilizes the MAIN PROGRAM feature and link tools and spindle related info to one or more of these sub-programs. The way these operations are defined in this MAIN PROGRAM option is what creates the final program and the final machining process.

BUT ... each one of these "pieces" ... these sub-programs ... are saved to disk. This means that they are available for future programs. Let's say a month from now you have a part that requires the same pocket and bolt circle machining. You can simply click the file and ADD that "piece" or sub-program to the TREE. NO NEED TO RE-PROGRAM OR RE-CREATE THEM, YOU CAN LINK THE EXISTING G CODE TO NEW TOOLS AND NEW SPINDLE CALLS IN THE MAIN PROGRAM OPTION.

THE ADVANTAGE : Kipware® conversational is automatically creating re-usable G code programs that can dramatically save you time and energy on your future G code creation. Sure creating your G code is quick and easy through the basic conversational design ... but this "hidden" feature ... utilizing previously created G code programs ... makes Kipware® conversational even more powerful ... more "real world".

Keeps this feature in mind when considering your weapons in the battle with "CAD / CAM OVERKILL" ... or when you are programming in any of the Kipware® conversational applications.

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As always, thank you for investing some of your valuable time at our website.
Kenney Skonieczny
Kentech Inc.