Tuesday, December 4, 2007

KipwareQTE® & KipwareCYC® Upgraded

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the overhaul and upgrade to it's popular quoting & estimating software packages including the following changes and enhancements :
  1. KipwareQTE® has been revised into a cost estimating only software from the previous cycletime estimating and cost estimating package. The machining cycletime estimating features have been removed and a new machining cycletime estimating package titled KipwareCYC® has been created. KipwareQTE® retains the features of cost estimating, quotation generation, assembly estimating & quoting and cost analysis. The list price of this new KipwareQTE® has been reduced from the previous $795 (U.S.) for both cycletime and costing to $365 (U.S.) for the costing only version. The list price for KipwareCYC® is $395 (U.S.).
  2. The machining cycletime features now in KipwareCYC® have been greatly upgraded and enhanced from the cycletime estimating features in the previous KipwareQTE® version. One major upgrade is to the cutting condition database. Users now have the ability to add up to (5) sub-operations to each main operation. For example, under Rough Turning, the user can include up to (5) sets of cutting parameters. This gives the user much more flexibility with the opportunity to include cutting parameters for say carbide tooling, HSS tooling, aggressive material removal, conservative material removal or whatever. In addition, we have added (3) User Defined Main Operations in addition to the pre-defined main operations ... and each of these User Defined Operations can have the up to (5) sets of sub-operations as well.
  3. Our Kipware® Suite package has been revised to include (2) versions ... the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition. The Standard Edition bundles KipwareQTE® and KipwareCYC® together with a list price is $710 (U.S.) The Professional Edition bundles KipwareQTE®, KipwareCYC®, KipwarePLN® ( shop scheduling ) and KipwareTRK® ( quotation tracking ) together with a list price of $995 (U.S.).
  4. For users who upgrade from previous versions of KipwareQTE®, we have included a small utility program that will revise your current Material Database ( cutting condition ) file into a format compatible with the new version and format.
These new features and upgrades greatly enhance the features of the business software created by Kentech Inc. and demonstrate our continued commitment to create the best, Real World manufacturing software in the industry.

Thank you for continued support and software interest.


John Mayfield
( writing for Kenney Skonieczny )