Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ROMI Mach9 <--> Fanuc Conversion Software Released for Brazil

Kentech Inc. has released a new BETA version of Kipware® CNC XChange that can convert G code turning programs created for ROMI Mach9 CNC controls into Fanuc format ... and reverse. This new release is now in BETA testing by our VAR in Brazil ... RG Assesoria.

ROMI Mach9 has been an extremely popular CNC control for many years in the Brazilian market ... and clients are now looking to auto-convert their multitude of existing Mach9 programs into Fanuc format to be compatible with the new CNC control options offered not only by the newer ROMI CNC machines but other CNC machines now making their way into the Brazilian market.

Important features included in this version of CNC XChange include :
  • Canned cycle conversions both from Fanuc format to Mach9 as well as Mach9 to Fanuc ... including turning cycles, facing cycles, grooving cycles as well as threading cycles.
  • Conversion of all tool change commands
  • Conversion of ABSOLUTE ROMI I / K commands to INCREMENTAL Fanuc I / K ... and reverse
  • Conversion of all sub program calls and format
  • ... and more.

As with all versions of Kipware® CNC XChange ... many user definable options are also available that enable the user to customize the conversion for items and codes outside the realm of the "hard coded" source code. It is this mixture of hard coded conversions and user definable options that make Kipware® CNC XChange the leading G code conversion software in the world. Since 1986 ... Kentech Inc. has been a pioneer and a leader in G code conversion software ... and is now making their presence felt in the Brazilian and Latin America market as well.

For additional information on Kipware® CNC XChange ... or any of our Real World software titles ... please visit our website at ... or contact Kentech Inc. at

Kenney Skonieczny - President
Kentech Inc.