Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Kentech Software?

As 2008 nears an end ... and with the worldwide economic meltdown still in gear ... we at Kentech Inc. are happy to report a still increasing rise in our software sales. 2008 will set a record for yearly sales volume. Thank you to all our customers and VAR's for their loyal support and efforts.

We are committed to our philosophy of creating REAL WORLD software solutions that produce REAL WORLD results ... but we wonder what it is that makes customers choose our software products over others. During sales calls, we asked customers "Why us?" ... here are some responses :
  1. "Well, I think your marketing for KipwareM is true. Sometimes CAD/CAM is a little too much ... even overkill. When we need a simple program, it makes more sense to have one of the shop floor machinists create the program, and KipwareM will assist them in getting it done quickly and correctly."
  2. "We looked at the other estimating packages and even though the cost was much higher than yours, the thing that really turned it for us was the complexity of their packages. That translated into a lot of stuff we would never use ( but were paying for ) and a learning curve that was just not acceptable in our situation."
  3. "We sold a customer an Okuma machine who had a house full of Fanuc controls. One of the main reasons we got the sale was your CNC XChange software. They had thousands of Fanuc based programs that they would be wanting to run on the new Okuma. CNC XChange was the only solution on the market ... and we got rave reviews from our other offices and their customers who have used it in the past."
  4. "We are primarily a casting house but customers are asking us about some simple machining on their castings to enable us to send them a finished product. Nothing complex, just simple milling and drilling, tapping, etc.. We purchased a used machining center and your KipwareM looks like the perfect solution to assist us getting it up and running ... with our limited CNC experience. Your sales rep explained that the software was designed for everyday programming of everyday workpieces .. and that's exactly what we will be doing."
  5. "My buddy and I are starting our own shop and the KipwareMAX package appears to have everything we need to get started ... and the price is right!!"
  6. "Another shop in town which we do some work for told us about the KipwareQTE software that they are using and are very happy with ... so we figured that was a good endorsement."
These are a few of the reasons recent customers trusted Kentech Inc. and our software products ... helping make their 2008 productive as well.

If your shop is searching for productivity solutions ... whether on the business side or the shop floor side ... we hope you will consider our "proven in the trenches" software solutions. Please contact us at any of the numbers below should you have any questions regarding any of our software titles.

Toll Free Voice : 1-888-754-1198
Voice : 508-754-1198
Email : Sales@KentechInc.com

Happy New Year to all ... And best wishes for your 2009 Productivity !!!

Kenney Skonieczny

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fanuc Macro <--> Okuma User Task Conversion Software

Kentech Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new option to our CNC XChange -- Fanuc / Okuma G code conversion software.

The MU option ( Fanuc Macro <--> User Task ) is available for both the Milling and Turning versions and will auto-convert Fanuc Macro B code to Okuma User Task and REVERSE. Some of the options of this version :
  • Auto-Convert # sign to VC and reverse
  • Auto-Convert G65 lines and variable calls on that line to compatible CALL lines and reverse
  • Converts Common Variables between formats.
  • Converts System Variables between formats
  • All Control Commands such as WHILE / DO loops, IF statements, Conditional Expressions such as EQ, GT, etc., and Branch commands
  • This version has an unlimited number of user defined conversions to allow for System Variable differences between various Fanuc control models.
CNC XChange with the MU option is $900. (U.S.)

Visit www.KentechInc.com and select the PRODUCT DEMO link to view a video presentation of CNC XChange.

Thank You for your software interest,
Kenney Skonieczny

Friday, September 26, 2008

KipwareQTE® & KipwareCYC® Additional Upgrade Info

We are pleased to announce some great UPGRADES to our KipwareQTE® and KipwareCYC® estimating packages. We have recently added new PRINTING and USER DEFINED SETTINGS options to both packages. Some details :

KipwareQTE® :
  • New printing options give users the ability to further customize the outputs available within the software such as Length & Width of the printer output ... customize the output from an 8 1/2 x 11 to whatever size output desired. This feature is available for both QUOTE FORMS and INVOICES.
  • Users can now select the desired PRINTER for output from their available system printers ... output is no longer forced to the default system printer.
  • NOTES that appear at the bottom of the QUOTE FORM ... such as "Quotation valid for 30 days" ... can now be customized by the user. (4) NOTES are available as output and can be designed and crafted by the user.
KipwareCYC® :
  • Users can now select the desired PRINTER for output from their available system printers ... output is no longer forced to the default system printer.
  • Enhanced functionality in the VIEW OPERATIONS area have been added. The VIEW OPERATIONS area allows users to re-order and delete machining sequences.
At Kentech Inc., we are committed to always listening to user inputs and comments, and will continually enhance our software to make certain that we maintain our "real world" functionality. Because we are a small company, we have the ability to move quickly and can include new requested features at a rapid pace. If you have any suggestions or comments about anything "kentech", please feel free to forward them to our sales team at Sales@KentechInc.com.

Thanks to all for your support and software interest.
Kenney Skonieczny

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New KipwareQTE Video Trainer

Customers continue to tell us that our video training series that are shipped standard with most of our machine shop software titles are a great tool for assisting them in getting the most out of their software purchase. The videos not only teach them how to use the software ... but are a great reference tool that they can refer back to again and again for questions that arise along the way.

Now that KipwareQTE® and KipwareCYC® have been upgraded and enhanced ... we are in the process of also upgrading the video training series for these titles. As of 08/12/08, the new video training series for KipwareQTE® is available for download for previous customers ... and will now be shipped standard with every KipwareQTE® and Kipware® Suite purchase from that date forward.

Existing customers who would like to download the trainer ... or interested parties who want an in-depth look at how KipwareQTE® functions ... can download the video trainer installation file using the link below :

The new KipwareCYC® trainer series is expected to be released by the end of August with KipwarePLN® and KipwareTRK® trainers to follow soon after.

Thanks to all for your software support and interest.
Kenney Skonieczny