Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kentech Introduces the Kipware® Cloud

Are you ready to take your software experience to the next level?

Are you ready to work without the wires ... Without being tied to your PC or your office?

Are you ready to set your employees free to be the efficient workforce you dreamt of?

If so, we invite you to explore the Kipware® Cloud
the next generation of software and software delivery.

What is CLOUD computing?
Cloud computing simply means that the software you use ... the files and databases you create ... are not run or stored from your local PC. Instead, users log onto a website ... a remote server ... where the software is installed and where all their information and files are stored. This means that users can log onto and use their software from any internet enabled device ... your office PC, your home PC, your tablet, your laptop on the road .... and on and on and on. With your software being stored on a remote server, you have complete access to your software from any internet connection. Now that's freedom !!!

What is the Kipware® Cloud?
The Kipware® Cloud is Kentech's version of cloud computing. Here's how it works :
  • Users create an account with a unique UserName and Password and pay a small monthly fee.
  • Use this account to access ANY of our software titles ... use the account for creating quotes and estimates ... create your G code programs ... for training, either yourself or your employees ... to get answers on your shop floor ... anything.
  • This cloud account can be accessed via any PC using a standard internet connection ... work from the office, your home PC, your laptop on the road using a wirless connection ... there are no restrictions other than the internet connection.

What are some of the overriding advantages of cloud computing?

  • No more physical software to buy and maintain.
  • No more being tied to a single PC ... or to operating the software at one location.
  • No more having to purchase licenses for multiple PC's or users.
  • No more worries about your computer crashing and losing either your software or your files.
  • No more re-installing and worries about losing the installation file or CD.
  • No more worries about uprades ... the latest software version is always running on the Kipware® Cloud.
  • Don't need or want the software any longer ... just cancel your account. Use the software for as long as you need or want it. ( may be subject to a minimum time period ).
  • ... to name just a few.

What software is available on the Kipware® Cloud with my account?
ALL the Kentech Kipware® titles are available to all users. That's right, once you create an account, anyone using your account will have access to any Kipware® title. That means you will have unlimited access to :
  • CycleTime Estimating, Quoting and Estimating, Machine Scheduling and Quotation Tracking using our KipwareCYC®, KipwareQTE®, KipwarePLN® and KipwareTRK® applications.
  • Create your G code programs for milling, turning, wire EDM and waterjet / plasma machines using our KipwareM®, KipwareT®, KipwareEDM® and KipwareJT® conversational programming applications.
  • Perform auto-conversion of your G code programs for any of your machines and files using our KipwareXC® and Kipware® CNC XChange applications.
  • Employees need training? The Kipware Cloud gives you unlimited access to our complete line of KipwareEDU® training software ... turning, milling, multi-axis turning centers, manufacturing engineering version as well as Fanuc macro version.
  • Need answers on the shop floor? Your account gives you unlimited access to our toolpath plotting, machine shop toolbox and trig calculator applications from any internet connected device.

I am ready .... How can I get connected to the Kipware® Cloud?

  • We expect the Kipware® Cloud to be up and running by early fall 2011.
  • We are currently accepting preliminary sign up's. This is not a commitment in any way and there are no associated costs. When everything is finalized and the Kipware® Cloud is online, registrants will be emailed the final details and can decide at that time whether or not to finalize and create their account.
  • Early registrants will be offered a 10% discount on their Kipware® Cloud monthly fee.
To register, please visit